European Research Council grants 14 million euros for novel research

17. December 2013

The funding will support the project "Frontiers in Attosecond X-ray Science: Imaging and Spectroscopy” (AXSIS) of Professor Franz Kärtner (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science CFEL, DESY and University of Hamburg), Professor Henry Chapman (CFEL, DESY and University of Hamburg), Dr. Ralph Aßmann (DESY) and Professor Petra Fromme (Arizona State University). To read more about it please visit DESY Press Release and CFEL News

Welcome Andrew Morgan!

25. November 2013

Andrew received his Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne with majors in: Mathematics and Statistics as well as Physics. He received his PhD in Natural Philosophy also at the University of Melbourne. His thesis, which is titled "A generalised holographic approach to coherent diffractive imaging", relates to theoretical problems in X-ray and electron microscopy. His research focus in the group will be on characterizing next generation, hard X-ray, multilayered optical elements using Ptychography. He will also work on inverse scattering problems that arise in X-ray free-electron lasers. We are excited to have him join our group!

Welcome Michael Heymann!

28. October 2013

Michael attained his Dioploma in Biology at Humboldt Universität Berlin. Later his PhD in Biophysics and Structural Biology at Brandeis Univeristy, where Steh Fraden was his PhD advisor. His research will focus on developing sample delivery techniques for serial crystallography at free-electron lasers and synchrotrons. Welcome Michael to the team!

Sunil Ananthaneni joins CI as a Master's student

14. October 2013

Sunil will be doing his Master's in Mechatronics from Technical University of Hamburg, Harburg (TUHH). He is currently doing his thesis on "Engineering of mechanics for SFX sample delivery system". The aim of the project is to develop an hexapod for improved sample delivery and to automize the process at various levels.


Audio Highlight: The Royal Society, X-ray lasers in Biology

14. October 2013

Dr. Henry Chapman and Dr. John Spence (from Arizona State University) organized the X-ray Lasers in Biology event at The Royal Society in London. X-ray lasers have unlocked new possibilities for research in structural biology creating a major impact on the field. The event hosted scientific experts in this area which spoke about their latest scientific work and technique development. Dr. Chapman (scientific discussion meeting) as well as Anton Barty, Tom White, and Rick Kirian (satellite meeting) were all invited guest speakers. If you would like to listen to Dr. Chapman's presentation please go here for a recorded audio of his talk. To find out more about this event please go to The Royal Society, X-ray lasers in Biology event page.

Welcome Leonard Chavas!

07. October 2013

Leo is the latest member to become a part of the team. He will work on the implementation of sample delivery systems for experiments at X-ray free electron lasers. In addition, he is interested in in vivo crystallography at X-ray free electron lasers. Leo obtained his bachelor's at Lycée St Exupéry, France and his master's at Joseph Fourier University, EMBL Grenoble outstation, France. He completed his PhD Sokendai, KEK in Japan. We are excited to welcome him to the Coherent Imaging team!

Max Wiedorn joins CI as a Master's student

01. October 2013

Max received his bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Hamburg. During his bachelor thesis, he worked on direct seeding schemes for FLASH2 (Investigation of Harmonic Source Size and Divergence for FLASH2 Seeding). He will join our group as a student research assistant and will later begin his master's in Physics. His main scope of work will be on liquid jet development and the aerosol injector project.

from left to right: Juraj Knoska, Fedor Chervinskii, Emily Speller, Alexandra Tolstikova, Arthur Delarue and Brady Hunt

2013 Summer Interns

08. August 2013

A bright group of international students, representing England, Poland, Russia, and the U.S., will be with our group for 6 weeks gaining valuable research experience. They are all participating in various summer internships programs. (On this photo from left to right: Juraj Knoska, Fedor Chervinskii, Emily Speller, Alexandra Tolstikova, Arthur Delarue and Brady Hunt).
To find out more information please check out the following links:

Salah Awel joins CI as a PhD student

01. July 2013

Salah obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. He then completed his Master in Advanced Optical Technologies at Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He is joining our group as a PhD student and obtained his degree from the graduate school of Center for Ultrafast Imaging (CUI) in the University of Hamburg. His research is on optical guiding of single particles for coherent diffraction imaging experiments.

Experiments succesfully obtain high-resolution structure of cellular messengers

09. May 2013

To read more about this discovery please go to Slac News


DNA crystals are analyzed using X-ray nanocrystallography

11. March 2013

To read more about the research go to SLAC Today


Karol Nass succesfully completes his Ph.D. thesis defense

25. February 2013

Karol Nass is the first graduate student from the Coherent Imaging group, headed by Prof. Henry Chapman, to complete his doctorate. His thesis work resulted in the first determination of a novel protein structure (an enzyme of the African sleeping sickness parasite) using an X-ray Free-Electron Laser. This work, published in Science, was ranked by Science as one of the top-10 scientific breakthroughs of 2012.